List of Services

Our team of unregistered therapists are composed of CUPE 3903 union members, supportive faculty and/or folks outside of the institutions. We do our best to bring our services to different locations but please note that not all services are available at all locations as some of us are physically present on the picket line as much as possible. The services listed below are ones that were previously offered or will be offered on future dates.

Sarah Switzer | Juggling Station
“How many balls do you have in the air? Or on the ground? Can you juggle? No?! Great – neither can I.  If you can, tremendous. Teach us all! I have been trying to juggle so many jobs, roles, and responsibilities because of the strike, and failing miserably. Let’s fail in love and juggle together. ”

Dr. Honor Freud-Smith | Talk Therapy with Tea Leaf Reading, Doodle Reading and/or Astral Predictions.
Dr. Freud-Smith aka Dr Ford Psychic, expert in strike melancholy (in lab coat, beard and glasses), offers post structural hybrid therapy consisting of tea leaf reading (Bring your own tea!) + doodle reading and astral predictions. You can also have your picture taken with Dr. Freud-Smith and/or her assistants.
Therapist qualification:
Dr. Freud-Smith.  (BBs, MBs, MBBS)
Psychoanalytic Grievance Therapy
Expert in the new technique LeftEA prophetic readings

Alvis Parsley | 5-minute Singing Massage
5-minute massage for tired picketers accompanied with potentially bad but tender singing.
Hand squeeze for your body. Sonic vibration for your soul.

Carmen O Campo | Finger Acupuncture Service
…stimulating specific points to correct imbalances in the flow…!
“I am not an acupuncturist. I was trained in a similar process but through words. I actually think that psychoanalysis is to mind what acupuncture is to body (in a complex meaning of body).”
Picketers come and relax, leaning and covering their eyes as I press some points on your body (with your consent!). You will be asked to utter the first word that such pressure suggests to you. At the end of the session, you will be given a “poem” with all words that you said, and maybe a paper flower as well.

Magali Meagher | Scream/Whisper Therapy + “Have a Seat” Station
“I offer to hold people’s hand as they scream very loudly. You can also opt for a whisper therapy instead.” A separate station is equipped with one chair and a magic cushion. Have a seat!

Farrah Miranda | Mediation Services
coming soon…

Bernadette Wycks | Silent Energy Healing on a Bed of Roses
Title says it best…

Tina Garnett | Crisis Support
Tina is a professional crisis support worker, a yoga teacher & Reiki student. We are proud to have her on our team. Find us should you wish to speak with her.

Andrew Winchur | Therapy Documentation
Andrew helps with documenting the mobile strike therapeutics. Our clients may choose to be documented or not at all!

We also want to thank Sara Marino for being involved in the process.

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