What is Heal to Strike?

Heal 2 Strike Team of Therapists

An incomplete group photo of our team of Heal 2 Strike unregistered therapists. Left to Right: Sarah Switzer, Carmen O Campo, Dr. Freud-Smith, Alvis Parsley, Magali Meagher. Bernadette Wycks is missing in this photo as she was giving a silent energy healing session on a bed of fresh roses. Photo by Nishant Upadhyay.

Heal to Strike: Refuel at Mobile Strike Therapeutics is a healing intervention on the picket lines with the aim to serve exhausted picketers of CUPE 3903 at York University. We believe in collective care as much as self-care during this time of struggles. We acknowledge the fact that academic institutions can be violent. We believe in feeling well and nourished in order to fight.

Heal to Strike is a mobile strike therapeutics (using a cargo van vehicle as our station for as long as we could afford it) offering a variety of creative therapy services to our fellow union members. Our services are offered by unregistered therapists performed by a group of artists, poets, parents, and anarchists in the program of Masters in Critical Magical Transformation Studies. We bonded over our Radical Front Line Survival Therapy: Theory and Practice course taught by Professor Freud-Smith (aka Ford-Smith for state purposes) who offers her full support and participation in this project. Note: We are all on strike and this is not our coursework.

Our first mobile service was successfully offered on Wednesday March 18 to the picketers at the main gate picket line at York University. Our services are FREE! You don’t even need to use your benefits 😉

As a mobile strike therapeutics, we do travel around to support picketers in need. Our plan is to bring our services to town hall meetings and also to the picket lines of University of Toronto in the coming weeks. You may check out our upcoming touring dates and hours here,

and a list of healing services here on this page.

Should you wish to participate in Heal to Strike and provide a service to our fellow picketers, please contact heal.to.strike@gmail.com with a short description of what you wish to do and a head shot that represents your service (be creative!).  You can be from any program or even outside of York. We will respond as soon as possible.